Place : Galerie Steph
Date : 05/08/2015 – 19/09/2015

Galerie Steph is pleased to present an exciting group exhibition of 4 very diverse artists—Shazwany Aziz, Vanessa Ban, Chen Shitong and Kanchana Gupta. Titled Phrase, Rephrase, the exhibition will feature unique prints, burnt paintings and a neon light sculpture. The exhibition title is derived from the act of translating forms, movements and experiences from one medium or place to another. In this translating, or ‘phrasing and rephrasing’, some things are gained while others are lost.

There is a similar play in translating textures and materials from one form into another in Kanchana’s paintings from the series Fragments in Time. She paints layers upon layers of oil onto a canvas, only to scorch and peel the combined layers off to create a backless painting. The results are paintings composed of thick oil paint that hang in mid air without a supporting medium, thereby straddling comfortably between the categories of sculpture and painting and exploring the concept of social fragmentation. Kanchana’s experiments with oil paint highlights its plasticity and the different possible iterations of its expression beyond the canvas.

Galerie Steph 39 Keppel Road Singapore