Constructing Matter

Appetite is pleased to present Constructing Matter. This exhibition brings together a selection of works by Kanchana Gupta and Irfan Hendrian, two artists whose practices investigate material as a mode of expression in and of itself.

Materiality is the quality that is shared by all physical objects by definition of their existence in the material world. This concept has (re)surfaced as a pertinent area of study in recent discourse, as artists increasingly challenge the ways we understand matter and material in contemporary art. In paying close attention to traditional materials and subverting their use, or experimenting with uncommon materials, artists take material as a tool for challenging and moving beyond the preconceived limits of artistic expression.

Gupta and Hendrian, in particular, expand the global conversations around materiality as they draw from cultural environments and constructions specific to South Asia and Southeast Asia. Both artists recontextualise urban materials – such as paper and jute – into highly complex and layered sculptural artefacts, transforming the life-cycle of utilitarian objects. They invoke deeper considerations behind the form and function of their materials, extending beyond the formal and the artistic and onto the social and cultural dimensions of their unexpected objects.

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EMERGING : Selections from the DUO Collection

The DUO, whose collectors prefer to remain anonymous, started building their collection five years ago with a focus to support emerging artists in Singapore and Southeast Asia, though they have been collecting widely for more than a decade.

Emerging is the inaugural showcase of selected works collected in the past 5 years featuring 16 Singapore-based artists. These works reflectsome of Singapore’s emerging urgencies in recent years by responding to themes of identity, migration, urbanisation, the environment, places and spaces. The exhibition seeks not only to stimulate emerging conversations on Singapore contemporary art through the lens of private collectors, but also to expand on their role in the art eco-system as imperative patrons of the arts.

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458.32 Square Meters

Sullivan+Strumpf is delighted to present Kanchana Gupta’s third solo exhibition in Singapore, 458.32 Square Meters.
In her first solo exhibition with Sullivan+Strumpf, Gupta offers a visceral and studied response to the urban environments she has inhabited for the past 25 years. Through the use of various quotidian materials exposed to extraordinary processes and compression, Gupta foreshadows the inadequacies of her dense urban surroundings. The show juxtaposes this overarching meta-narrative against Gupta’s own spatial and environmental experiences; underscoring the unprecedented consequence of migration, urbanisation and globalisation.
The deliberately restrained and ambiguous title ‘458.32 Square Meters’ acknowledges the opulent desirable residences (or desres) that urban dwellers pursue and aspire to. In order to attain this, they allow themselves to be pressured, manipulated and moulded; much like the aggregate of material utilised in sculptural forms for the present show.
Layered, affixed, ripped, torn, peeled, burnt, and compressed, the materials are subjected to extreme manual duress in the studio environment, and subsequently in a more strenuous industrial setting. The result is a coherent, albeit minimalist series of works, where shapes, forms and identities are transformed through reflective interventions in Gupta’s ongoing practice that continually questions materiality.

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Museum of Days

Featuring the works of Dawn Ng (SG), Tony Albert (AU), Kanchana Gupta (IND), Meliantha Muliawan (IDN), Adeela Suleman (PAK), Latthaporn Korkiatarkul (THA) and Aiko Miyanaga (JPN).

Museum of Days exhibits details of days, notes of observation, thoughtful reflection of everyday objects and the analysis of material forms. This originates from a simple thought that an object can never be the author of its own biography or of another object, in the way that humans are able to author theirs. The exhibition presents the artists’ personal interpretations of objects, as well as their forms recontextualised over space and time. Literally and figuratively, everyday commodities - that we know and even live with - now occupy the space of a gallery and present the stories of others’ days and lives.

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REFORMATIONS : Painting in Post 2000 Singapore Art

With the turn of the century, Singapore contemporary art of the 2000s has largely witnessed a shift from medium-specific art-making to artists working in interdisciplinary and new media practices. The exhibition REFORMATIONS seeks to survey the state of painting with a selection of artists whose works respond to the medium of paint, and are distinct through their investigation of materiality and methodology. At times, they cross into expanded dimensions that encompass installation, sculpture, site-specificity, and along other propositions for image-making.

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This group exhibition explores the realm of materiality by showcasing works by artists from Asia and Europe. Working across different disciplines, the works of these artists will inevitably be placed in a dialog within the gallery’s space, rendering the forms of these works unstable and, in turn, leaving room for poetic mistranslations and diverse aesthetic experiences within the bodies of visitors.

FORMS PLEASE opens on August 11th at 1335Mabini, Karrivin Plaza, Makati and will run until the 8th of September 2018.

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Threads & Tensions – Stories from Southeast Asia

Yeo Workshop presents Threads & Tensions – Stories from Southeast Asia, an exhibition showcasing the work of four contemporary artists who document changing life in the region. A disparate mix of aesthetics and artistic expression, the bodies of works by these artists are tied together by their purpose; they explore stages of development in the different countries and reflect a forgotten or endangered lifestyle in Southeast Asia.

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Traces and Residues

Traces and Residues features recent works by Gupta consisting of skins of oil paint burnt and peeled off the canvas surface. It is the newest development in her examination of the painterly and gestural act of tearing and peeling of paint, and of the residues and traces left behind. The works are entirely composed of skins of paint and with their initial support removed; they are transformed by the artist into sculptural wall- mounted entities with fabric- like folds and jagged edges.

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And the rest of such things, MA Fine Arts graduation exhibition

And the rest of such things presents final works and projects by 11 graduates from this year's MA Fine Arts programme. Featuring a range of media, including painting, photography, sculpture, installation and video, the exhibition illuminates the intricacies and complexities of creative processes. The artists' experimentations, trials and positioning in the studio are revealed through a reflexive and collective curatorial process that has led to the current exhibition.

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SWEET SPOT, MA Fine Arts work-in-progress

Sweet Spot presents works-in-progress by 11 candidates from MA Fine Arts. Developed through studio practice, experimentation and group discussion, the works represent the candidates’ diverse approaches to painting, sound, performance, video, photography and installation.

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The Winston Oh Travel Award : The coast is clear

The Winston Oh Travel Award is an annual grant that enables selected students from Faculty of Fine Arts to travel abroad and develop their artistic research and practice. This exhibition presents works and research developed by the eight recipients of this year’s award, and includes installation, painting, textiles and photography.

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Tropical Lab 9 : Island

Tropical Lab is an annual camp that brings together postgraduate students from some of the world’s leading art institutions for a two week period of intense artistic experimentation and research.

This exhibition presents works in a range of media by participants in this year’s camp. Displayed across three galleries of ICA Singapore, the works explore geopolitics, geography and creative and symbolic association of islands.

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