Kanchana GUPTA . B. 1974

Originally from India, currently I live and work in Singapore. My practice yokes materiality with process and this is both the impetus and structure behind all of my works. The materials which I deploy range from quotidian socially loaded substances like vermillion powder, henna, and sandalwood, to oil paint and canvas, and to construction materials like jute and tarpaulin. Each brings its own particular identity, social symbology, texture, structure and colour, which I manipulate using a combination of studio and industrial processes irreversibly altering the inherent properties and contexts. My studio process is both reflective and meditative, developed through repetitive actions such as layering, tearing, burning, peeling, stacking, folding, bundling, heaping, arranging, compressing and cleaving. These actions and the art works may be read as metaphors for accumulated experiences.

Cinema continues to be a major influence in my work. I incorporated film as a medium in my site-specific installation work, ‘Two Tales and a City’. My current series of personal and intimate video-based explorations investigate the narrative of sexualized presentations of the female body specifically in the song sequences visualised in commercial Indian cinema of the 1980s and 90s. My videos confront the trope of the feminine and its expected attributes, as I probe the process of constructing and de-constructing this image, subverting it in my most recent works.

I was awarded an MA in Fine Arts from LASALLE College of Arts, Singapore where I was the recipient of ‘Dr. Winston Oh Travel Research’ award. Since then, my works have featured in numerous group exhibitions and three one person shows.

My works are in institutional and private collections in Singapore, and in private collections in Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Japan, Hong Kong and USA

I am represented by Sullivan + Strumpf Gallery, Sydney and Singapore